• MF - Transformer
    MF - Transformer
  • SNC - Medium Voltage Switchgear
    SNC - Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Wind Power
    Wind Power
  • ELCOVER - Control Cabinets
    ELCOVER - Control Cabinets
  • SEBvision – Scada
    SEBvision – Scada
  • SEBAB – Substation 36kV
    SEBAB – Substation 36kV
SEBAB | Harju Elekter Group Member

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SEBAB was founded in 1987 and is today a wholly-owned subsidiary of the HARJU ELEKTER Group, Estonia, listed and a market and engineering company representing European leading manufacturers with a unique range of agencies in the Scandinavian market.

Complete Solutions in Scandinavia
In its own property, headquartered in Malmö and regional offices in Stockholm, Borlänge and Finspång, SEBAB is active throughout Scandinavia. Through a competent organization of our own technicians and engineers, as well as specially selected partners in automation and power plants, we offer complete solutions in design, installation, deployment and service.

Internationally recognized products
SEBAB has a complete program of internationally recognized products and services in electricity and electricity distribution. Flexible solutions and excellence combined with short delivery times make us a knowledgeable and appreciated partner.


Our mission is to provide a cost-effective product line in generation and distribution of electricity. With high quality and the prompt delivery, we shall be a natural partner in the Scandinavian market.


Entreprenad CONTRACTING with Electric / Building contractors
Energi UTILITY with Energy Plants
Vindkraft RENEAWABLE with Wind Power Operators
Infrapower INFRAPOWER with Banverket and Vägverket
OEM OEM with Partners / OEM manufacturer / Electrical wholesalers
Export EXPORT  
SEVvision SEBvision  

Production Flexibility

In our facility in Malmö, we have both a fully equipped workshop and a larger stock. In the workshop, developed and manufactured their own product groups:

  • Low Voltage Distribution System of switchgear, bus ducts and centers
  • Transformer enclosure in steel or aluminum
  • Capacitor Battery System
  • UPS and Battery Switch System
  • Control Cabinet, including SEBvision

Projects Custom products with individual solutions are commonplace for us. Each project and its system components are unique. Products are tailored to our clients needs, meets all relevant international standards. The client receives a high level of documentation, such as architectural drawings, operation and maintenance manuals and as-built documentation. We have extensive experience in export shipments containing the documentation in other languages.
Quality is important to us! From the smallest component to the user function. With a documented quality and environmental systems are SEBAB strong today along with their factories.

Service with resources

Our extensive OEM stock is a major benefit for our customers. There is always COTS products for speedy delivery. Being able to deliver spare parts within 12 to 48 hours is a service our customers appreciate.
We are a strong team with strong domain expertise in our product lines and we have a positive earnings trend.
We hope this short presentation will be the beginning of an interesting business between us. We are pleased to assist with any questions, product information or quotes.


Thomas Andersson
Marketing Manager

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  • Welcome to meet us at Swedish Solar Expco 2019 October 29th at Uppsala Concert Hall and Conference Centre.
  • See you at ELFACK in Gothenburg?
  • SEBAB is now a member of Swedish Sunenergy!
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Infrapower Presentation
Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

ISO certified
ISO certified

The ISO certificate
The ISO certificate


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Press News - CEO Harju Elekter Sweden


Welcome to meet us at Swedish Solar Expco 2019 October 29th at Uppsala Concert Hall and Conference Centre.

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